Colon cancer is a common type of cancer that affects thousands of people every year. It is the third most common type of cancer out there. It is also one of the most preventable types of cancers. However, you must schedule mt pleasant colon cancer screening to prevent yourself from the diagnosis.

The American Cancer Society recommends that adults 45 and older get tested at least one time per year.  Take the advice of the ACS and protect yourself so you can enjoy a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. Special circumstances may require you to get testing before this age or more often, however, the doctor will let you know this well ahead of time.

Exactly who may need cancer screenings more often and at an earlier age? You are at an above average risk for colon cancer and need screening earlier if:

·    You have a family history of colorectal cancer

·    A history of polyps or colorectal cancer

mt pleasant colon cancer screening

·    History of inflammatory bowel disease

·    Previous radiation to the pelvic area

The doctor can perform a colon cancer screening using a few different techniques that evaluate a stool for the cancer. However, the colonoscopy is the most popular of the options. It works easier and provides more accurate and faster results.

There are many factors that increase a person’s risk of developing colon cancer. Those risk factors include:

·    Being overweight or obese

·    Eating certain types of foods

·    Living a sedentary life, not getting exercise or physical activity

·    Smoking, especially long-time smokers

·    Moderate to severe alcohol use for extended time periods

Keep yourself healthy and schedule a colorectal screening at age 45 or sooner if you are at an increased risk. You can stay healthy and avoid complications from cancer by scheduling regular appointments with your doctor.