They say that Mother Theresa was a saint. Or is a saint, rather. Would there happen to be saintly treatment for substance abuse treatment in saint johns, mi perhaps? Anyway, for those that did not know, Mother Theresa was based in the over-populated city of Calcutta, India. But she was born and bred somewhere out in Eastern Europe. Centuries earlier, there was another (saint) Theresa by the same name.

Why would substance abuse treatment be regarded as saintly, would you happen to know? Well, it could be that a holistic approach is or should be taken to the work that needs to be done. You must just remember that part of the substance abuse treatment regime entails having to give up whatever substance you were previously attached or dependent on. Altogether. There is just simply no turning back.

substance abuse treatment in saint johns, mi

Ever. That of course is the whole intention. And there may be no possibility of the patient being able to utilize alternative substances that may help supplement the patient’s initial cravings for the by now neglected substance. The perception was that by providing the patient with an alternative narcotic would have been at least healthier. But how can that be so? For instance, by giving up the so-called crack cocaine habit and replacing it with cigarettes?

How can that even begin to be healthy? Because by doing that, you’re simply replacing one danger with another. No, the object of the exercise should always be to introduce the patient to completely healthy lifestyle choices, with ‘lifestyle’ being the operative word here. It is more than just replacing one substance with another. It is about introducing the patient to an entirely different life. A whole new approach to life.

It’s also known as longevity.