Now is not the time and place to express prejudice or judgment. Because no one really knows what patients referred for psychiatric services in attleboro, ma might be going through. And of course, you would not even have been able to ask the patient’s clinical psychiatrist either. All that transpires between the four walls of the clinical psychiatrist’s rooms, with the door closed tightly as well, shall and should remain between those four walls.

Perhaps it is only in the most extreme or direst cases, where lives could be endangered that the clinical psychiatrist will be breaking his or her sworn discretion with the patient. In essence, it is perhaps the most ethical of the psychiatry profession who will remain mum if you will until the day that they die should it ever come to be that it is revealed to them by their patient that there is something well and truly grim about said patient’s background.

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It is not the easiest of circumstances to be under, not by any means, particularly when unintended pressure is brought to bear from third parties. These remarks or reactions could be coming from any related area, basically. It could be coming from fellow-medical professionals who in turn have a vested interest in the patient’s life or wellbeing. Particularly amongst the legal professions, law enforcement agencies, as well as welfare organizations, there may be representatives coming forward to speak on behalf of others who may be affected, or at least, potentially affected by the patient’s behavior.

But in the main, all and sundry are legally and medically allowed to make use of clinical psychiatry. It is not and never has been necessary for them to wait on referrals from elsewhere. Not from general practitioners, not even from parents.